metal building block butterfly model

metal building block butterfly model

In today's digital world, we long to touch real works of art and experience that unique sense of handcrafted creation. If you are looking for an exquisite decoration that can embellish your home and ignite your creativity, then the metal building block butterfly model we introduce to you will be your best choice.
Holiday gift assembly butterfly

Metal Miracle: This metal building block butterfly model is made of metal, which presents you with strong and durable properties while giving the product a unique texture.

Sapphire blue paint: The bright and eye-catching paint of this butterfly model is full of charm. The sapphire blue color gives a sense of tranquility and elegance, making it the highlight of any space.

Metal Wings: The design of the twin wings is not only impressive but adds a modern feel to the model. This is an excellent example of craftsmanship that combines tradition and modernity.

Retro base: The retro-style base gives the product solid support while adding a nostalgic flavor to the entire design.

Touch sensor switch: The innovative touch sensor switch makes it so easy to light up the beautiful lights of butterflies. You can illuminate the model with the flip of a switch, bringing soft illumination to the space.

Fun to assemble: The assembly difficulty of this butterfly model is two stars, making it suitable for assemblers of different ages. The assembly process is not only challenging but also fun, allowing you to create a wonderful piece of art with your own hands.

Size and nobility: The size of the butterfly model is 155*145*230mm, which is eye-catching enough and does not take up too much space, but can add a noble atmosphere to your room.
Christmas gift assembly butterfly

Not only is this metal brick butterfly model stunning, it's a unique decorative piece full of personality and creativity. Whether you are looking for a special gift or want to add a unique touch to your home, this butterfly model will meet your expectations. By purchasing this piece of art, you not only gain a beautiful decorative piece, but also a unique sense of handcrafted creation. Let this butterfly model bring new luster to your living space while stimulating your creativity. Of course, it is also a great holiday gift if you are giving it to someone.


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