The Blooming of Father's Love - The Dream Given by the Globe

The Blooming of Father's Love - The Dream Given by the Globe
A British netizen shared his child’s experience:

His 15-year-old son is autistic and different from other children of the same age. Loneliness and isolation have become the norm in his life. The father tried many ways to help his son escape from the world of autism. However, a report about the brave journey of penguins some time ago changed his state of mind. This brave penguin traveled 1,550 miles every year. His bravery and adventurous spirit deeply touched the boy and inspired his desire to explore the world.
No longer confined to his own little world, the child asked his father a compelling question: "How big is this world?" He longed to become a navigator and explore this vast planet. The father loved his son deeply, and when he saw the dreams and desires in his children's eyes, he decided to support his son's dreams in a special way.

He looked online for a long time and finally chose our globe as a gift. Through communication with us, he received relevant guidance and support. With our help, he quickly completed the assembly of the globe and placed it as a gift beside his son's bedside. He also wrote a letter to his son: Dear son, the world is very big. We are just in a tiny corner of this globe. There are countless beautiful places waiting for you, waiting for you to fulfill your dreams and chase your dreams. This is a gift from your father.

When the child received this special gift, his eyes were filled with joy and excitement. He has close contact with the globe and explores unknown areas. He is even willing to share his gifts with the children around him, and is no longer so repellent to the world. When the father sees his child's joy, his heart is filled with happiness and satisfaction.
This story from a netizen is heartwarming and inspiring. It is a blend of father's love and dreams. The globe is not only a gift, but also an inspiration and encouragement, allowing children to see the vastness of the world and stimulating their exploration and desire for the unknown world.
There are many children with autism in this society. In addition to providing more care for them, we must also open the door to the child's inner world. In fact, the world has a lot of beauty, and there will always be a moment that makes him want to see the world!


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