This is a very suitable gift for male friends including children

This is a very suitable gift for male friends including children
When Steampunk Meets Art: Battlefield Scorpion Assembly Model

In this digital age, we long to connect with handmade art and feel that unique sense of creation. If you are looking for a personalized gift that can decorate your living space and challenge your intelligence, then the Battlefield Scorpion assembly model we introduce to you will become your first choice.

Product selling points:

Steampunk style: This assembled model is designed in a steampunk style, combining retro and futuristic elements. It is not only a decoration, but also a unique piece of art.

Multiple states, five forms: This scorpion model can be transformed into five different states, each state represents a different life attitude of the scorpion. You can choose different states according to your mood and occasion, bringing freshness to your space.

Brass tail spur and turbo rotation: The product's brass tail spur and turbo can rotate 360°, adding to the fun and playability of the product. These features make the scorpion come alive, as if it can pounce forward at any time.

Touch sensor switch brass button: The innovative touch sensor switch allows you to light up the model with the touch of a switch. The design of the brass buttons gives the product a classic texture, adding a sense of luxury to your space.

3 stars for assembly difficulty: The difficulty of this scorpion puzzle is rated 3 stars, suitable for assembly enthusiasts and intellectual challengers. The assembly process is not only fun, but also exercises your patience and creativity.

Size and multifunctional use: The size of the scorpion puzzle is 170*130*115mm, the moderate size allows it to be placed on the desktop, bookshelf or anywhere you like. It is both a decoration and an interesting intellectual construction toy, suitable for boyfriends, husbands and children.

Best Holiday Gift: Whether it's Christmas, a birthday or any other holiday, this scorpion puzzle will make a special gift, full of creativity and technology.


This metal scorpion puzzle building block is not only unique in appearance and creative, but also stimulates your intelligence and creativity. By buying it, you not only get an exquisite decoration, but also enjoy the fun and sense of accomplishment of assembling it. Whether as a gift or as home decoration, this scorpion puzzle will add a chic touch to your living space. Choose this unique piece of art to bring art into your life.


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