The story of founder KK

KK, a young man with dreams, was born in the bustling city of Hong Kong. He has been wandering around the business world for many years, looking for his true inner pursuit. He experienced an accidental volunteer activity, where he met a group of energetic and curious children. These innocent little guys, their innocent smiles and curiosity about the world deeply moved KK. He realizes that children are the purest souls in the world and deserve to be taken seriously for their future. This experience changed KK's life trajectory.

The road to entrepreneurshipThis sense of mission and love for children became the starting point of KK's business. As a result, Hong Kong Langyue Co., Ltd. came into being. The company is headquartered in Hong Kong, covering an area of 2,500 square meters. It has also established its own company in Nanshan District, Shenzhen: Shenzhen Serugo, where a variety of creative products and toys are produced. KK has always regarded "for children, for the future" as the company's core philosophy, hoping to inspire children's creativity through products.

He faced various challenges and difficulties, but his love for children and belief in entrepreneurship made him never give up. The company has slowly grown and developed, established an efficient customer service team and a smooth logistics system, and provided thoughtful services to more than 7 million users around the world.

Corporate values and mission

The company's products are designed to inspire children's creativity and wisdom, providing toys that are both ornamental and educational. KK's entrepreneurial experience was full of hardships, but his love for children kept him moving forward. The company's mission is to be a good partner for children's healthy growth and learning.

persistence and faith

KK has been committed to the company's growth and development for ten years. He firmly believes that no matter how many difficulties he encounters, as long as he creates a better future for his children, it will be worth it. He has faith and drives the company forward. KK’s team has always adhered to its original intention to provide each child with a unique and interesting experience.


Every step of Hong Kong Langyue Co., Ltd. embodies KK's care for children and its sense of responsibility for the future. This is a platform for dreams and hopes. From its inception to the present, the company has always focused on providing children with educational and interesting products. KK and his team are willing to bring happiness and enlightenment to more families.

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